The Youthful Skin Club

Though his first passion is surgery, Dr. Raval believes—and explains to his patients—that a great aesthetic outcome is not about extreme makeovers but rather maintaining the appearance of the skin by doing a little bit of everything—home care, facials, laser treatments, injectables and surgery. “I tell my patents that when they see beautiful celebrities, more often than not, that beauty begins with beautiful skin,” he says.
To that end, Dr. Raval created The Youthful Skin Club at Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics. The club allows patients to pay a monthly fee and receive deep discounts on maintenance skincare treatments, such as microdermabrasion and peels. He reasons that patients often need incentives to come in regularly for maintenance treatments. After doing the math, he determined that he could charge between $40 and $60—a 50% discount—for procedures like microdermabrasion and peels, and still cover his overhead. “The discount is available every day at any time, as long as the patient commits to coming in once a month,” he says. Patients must commit to three months, and then they can “drop out of the club after that if they want,” he says. The club has nearly 200 patients with a maximum capacity of 400. If it exceeds 400 members, “We’ll have to expand our offices,” says Dr. Raval. As an additional benefit, club members get 10% off any additional procedures the practice offers. “The patients like the fact that it finally brings looking your best down to an affordable level that’s doable for most people,” says Dr. Raval.