Legal Issues

Practice Management: Anatomy of a Laser Contract

Understanding the key provisions of a laser contract can help you in your purchasing decisions.
Understanding Laser Contracts

Laser treatments have become a staple of the medical aes­thetics industry. More than 2.5 million laser treatments—including laser hair removal, leg vein treatments, and ablative and nonablative skin resurfacing—were performed in 2016, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) 2016 statistics.

Legal Issues: Medical Ethics and Daily Deal Sites

Discount programs, such as Groupon and Living Social, can be ethically problematic for medical aesthetic providers.
Medical Ethics and Daily Deal Sites

The astounding, initial success of daily deal site Groupon spawned numerous competitors, including Amazon Local, Living Social and LocalZoo. These sites bring together consumers and businesses in the form of deeply discounted services offered for a very limited time. They have become both popular and controversial within the medical aesthetics industry.

Legal Issues: Licensing Agreements

There are several issues to consider before signing a licensing agreement.
Licensing Agreements

The use of licensing agreements is increasing in the medical aesthetics industry. In some agreements, physicians lend their names to a product or product line. In others, manufacturers may license the use of their brand names to practices that bring in their branded procedures, such as the Lifestyle Lift.

Often, the deal works out to the benefit of everyone involved. But physicians who are not careful may find themselves facing increased liability or burdened with restrictions and time-consuming obligations that make the agreements less worthwhile.

Legal Issues: Responding to Ethics Complaints

Physicians facing or at risk of facing ethical violations are required to self-report allegations.
Responding to Ethics Complaints

Due to the nature of elective, cosmetic procedures, medical aesthetic providers face a higher risk of professional liability and ethical allegations than many other medical specialties. These allegations can come from a variety of sources, including advertising and marketing messages, dissatisfied patients and even conduct unrelated to your practice of medicine, such as a drunken driving violation. Attorneys that represent disgruntled patients in professional negligence matters will often suggest that the patient file an ethics violation first.

Stem Cells Re-Classified

If stem cells are drugs, what are your responsibilities as a prescribing physician?
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Stem Cells Re-Classified

The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recently adopted policies that will affect every aesthetic practitioner that employs stem cells in any manner. In a recent mandate, the FDA determined that stems cells are drugs and as such, it has claimed jurisdiction over them.