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Aesthetic Laser: Multi-Wavelength Hair Removal

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Three wavelength hair removal laser

Alma Lasers’ Soprano ICE platform now features three wavelengths—755nm, 810nm and 1,064nm—for more effective laser hair reduction treatments. The addition of the 1,064nm wavelength allows practitioners to treat patients with darker skin types. With the three wavelengths in one platform, providers can customize treatments based on skin and hair type or combine technologies for optimal results. The Soprano ICE utilizes Alma Lasers’ SHR technology, which uses gradual heating with In-motion delivery to damage hair follicles without injuring the surrounding skin.

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Photothermolysis With Silver Particles

Two small-scale studies highlight the potential of silver particles to improve the efficacy of laser hair removal and light-based acne treatments.
MedEsthetics July/August 2017 Newsmakers

As aesthetic treatments become more varied and efficacious, there remain some key gaps in treatment options. For example, laser hair removal is one of the most pop­ular services offered in aesthetic practices and medspas, yet permanent hair reduction is not an option for those with blonde and red hair. Dermatologists have long sought an alternative to systemic treatments for those with moderate-to-severe acne, and while laser treatments have shown promise, their efficacy is short-lived and inconsistent.

ASDS Reports Increase in Popularity of Laser Hair Removal

The 2014 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Survey on Dermatologic Procedures confirms that more patients are seeking laser treatments to permanently remove unwanted hair. About 633,000 laser hair removal procedures were performed by ASDS members last year—a 27% increase from 2013 and a 51% increase from 2012. The ASDS credits the increase in demand to new technologies that have broadened the patient base for laser hair removal.

Skincare Equipment: ProWave LX

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ProWave LX

The new ProWave LX hair removal handpiece from Cutera offers 10 Kilowatts of peak power plus short pulse durations that allow practitioners to treat finer, lighter hair. The handpiece—which can be used with the company’s XEO aesthetic platform—features aggressive contact cooling for more comfortable treatments. Contact: 888. 428.8372,

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Less Pain, Equal Gain in Diode vs. IPL Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal

Patients who took part in a split-leg study comparing laser hair removal results using a low-fluence diode laser and high-fluence IPL device reported less pain with the diode-treated leg and equal results in terms of efficacy between the two modalities. The study, which appeared in the Autralasian Journal of Dermatology (August 2012), followed 30 Asian patients with dark hair and skin types III to IV. Subjects underwent three hair removal sessions at six week and eight week intervals.

Coming To Bare

New devices are making laser hair removal faster, more efficient and less painful.
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Laser Hair Removal

"Laser hair removal was first reported 15 years ago by scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School,” says Omar A. Ibrahimi, MD, PhD, assistant professor of dermatology and director of cutaneous laser and cosmetic surgery at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington, Connecticut, and visiting scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital. “Since then, many advances have been made which make laser hair removal highly effective, long-lasting and safe when performed by a properly trained professional.”